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Save Money on Prescription Drugs

The costs for prescription drugs are growing faster than any other single component of your health plan. Fortunately, your prescription drug plan offers many ways for you and your company to save money on the drugs you buy.

Here are four excellent cost saving alternatives that don’t compromise safety or effectiveness.

1. Use Express Scripts' Mail Service Program

If you will take a medication for three months or longer, Express Scripts' mail service is the most efficient method for dispensing that medication. And, it is by far the most convenient for you. Simply mail in your prescriptions to Express Scripts and they will mail back your medications. Reorders are even easier and can be handled my mail, telephone or the Internet. You benefit from lower co-pays and your company benefits from lower overall costs.

You can access the the Express Scripts web site after logging in to

2. Ask Your Doctor About Generics

Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as their brand name counterparts at a fraction of the price. To reflect this savings, you will pay a lower co-pay for a generic vs. a brand name drug. Generics have been proven safe and effective for most conditions, but talk with your doctor to make sure they are right for you. Please also remember that not every drug has a generic equivalent.

3. Take Your Medicine Properly

If you don’t adhere to the medication schedule prescribed by your doctor, your condition could worsen. This means more health problems for you and even higher health care costs. More importantly, mismanaged medication can sometimes cause permanent damage to your health.

4. Shop Around

If you fill your prescription at a pharmacy, prices can vary wildly from one pharmacy to the next. You can help your employer keep your health plan costs low by simply calling a few of the pharmacy chains and asking their price for your medication.