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Join the IBA Group Insurance Trust

Top Ten
Reasons to Join

1. Increased buying power

2. Built-in wellness and disease management programs

3. A focus on financial institutions

4. Single source solutions

5. Attentive customer service

6. Flexibility

7. The latest technology

8. Financial soundness

9. The advantage of a participating funding arrangement

10. Coverage for directors and retirees 

Joining the IBA Group Insurance Trust is simply a great business decision.  Why?  Because it gives you the best of both worlds - the negotiating leverage of a large group plan along with the great service that comes with doing business on a local level.

Let the Trust be Your Advocate

The Trust was formed to serve its members and is their advocate in the complex world of healthcare.  Its sole purpose is to provide high quality health insurance to the IBA membership.  Every group in the Trust is important, and they are treated accordingly.

The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of executive officers from its membership.  Just like you, they struggle with the high cost of healthcare and how to balance health plan benefits with health plan expenses.  Their objective is to give Trust members the best plans with the best service at the best rates.

How Can We Serve You?

If you wish to be contacted or receive a quote, please take a minute to complete this short questionnaire.

Or, simply contact Steve James using the information below. 

Not a Member?

Contact Steve James to learn how the IBA Group Insurance Trust can work for you.

Steve: 800.558.6206 ext. 112